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We have cared for birds most of our lives, and since 1990, we have been focusing on the care and breeding of Eclectus Parrots. Their unique beauty and excellent disposition has made us very partial to the Eclectus species. We breed all of the main subspecies of Eclectus, and maintain pure bloodlines by matching our pairs correctly. We have more than enough breeders to sell purebred pairs that are unrelated, and we keep very accurate records to assure that the offspring of any pairs are unrelated.

Our enthusiasm for breeding these beautiful parrots has continually increased over the years. The Eclectus have none of the temperament problems of some other types of parrots -- especially because we handle Eclectus correctly, with tender loving care, until they are fully weaned -- slowly and gradually. All our babies receive ideal nutritional support and complete socialization throughout a very gradual and thorough weaning process. Our babies are never forced to wean. We place all our babies directly with their new permanent home and adopting family -- we never sell to pet stores.

Most importantly, we have to come to enjoy breeding Eclectus more and more as time passes. As we add to the number of our extended families each year that adopt our Eclectus babies, we encourage everyone to keep very close touch with us, and we promise that we will always be here to answer questions and give advice. Throughout the year, we get phone calls, greeting cards, photos, and wonderful notes that keep us updated with cute stories about all our wonderful babies. We once read, "SUCCESS IS GETTING WHAT YOU WANT -- HAPPINESS IS WANTING WHAT YOU GET." These ongoing friendships with our adopting families are a totally unforeseen bonus of breeding parrots, and enrich our lives beyond measure. We love what we do, and each year, we are more fascinated by Eclectus. Breeding Eclectus to us is not a job -- we have made it a way of life.

It is so gratifying to hear all about the things our babies have learned and the outpouring of love their new families express toward them. We attract the type of customer that wants to adopt our babies because they have an abundance of love in their hearts, and are overwhelmed with the desire to share love with these glorious creatures. Eclectus reflect this love back a hundredfold and continually enhance human life. Please read some of our reference letters below, and be sure to visit the photo gallery section titled "Our Eclectus Family".

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We hope that you will enjoy reading the following, and that you will get to know us better.  We have blocked out the email addresses of these folks so that they will not be asked to endlessly reply by email to questions from our prospective Eclectus customers. If you would like to be given their phone numbers, call me and I will be happy to give them to you with their permission. We have many more reference letters dating back to 1990, and here are a few recent ones. For photos of these birds and their families, please go back to our HomePage.

For more specific info, phone 404-321-4488.      Sincerely, Jane & Scott


A couple of photos from our baby's families, and Reference Letters below:

**********Subject:  Wally -  I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that the male Eclectus baby you sent is doing wonderfully....Wally, the Eclectus, is talking, wandering around the house, visiting with the other parrot, and today he saw the canaries for the first time.  He barks, meows, says hello and waves with his foot.  I've tried to teach him the Oscar Meyer song, but so far, he starts it and waits for me to finish (training me).  I haven't taken him outside yet because we have a pool and I'm afraid he will try to fly over it and land in it instead.  Of course, he eats everything, except ice cream, which he thinks is some kind of trick food.  He gets his stable diet everyday and whatever human food I'm eating, figs are one of his favorites...His cage is in the family room, so he gets to see lots of activity throughout the day and once a day he gets to go to the bathroom where it is set up like a huge cage.  He and the other parrot play in there, Wally especially likes the fact that the room has a nice echo in it.  It is one of his favorite places to practice his speech.  He gets along with everyone in the family, altho' he likes me best, and will let all of them handle him.  My husband is the neophyte when it comes to birds and is still concerned Wally will bite him but he is getting better about not being afraid.  He is a surgeon and I guess he has pictures in his mind of operating with only a few fingers!  Men!!!! Anyway, Wally is doing super, very happy, and with lots of stimulation.  Thanks for such a great bird, he is wonderful and is having a very nice life!  Nancy

**********Subject:  Jane He's just Divine! Home safe and sound  Dear Jane, It's about 1:30 am. "Charley Bonair" is Here,,Yea! He is Soo Sweet. Even after the long flight, noisy airport, and 45 minute ride out to the country, he was very calm. I took him up to his room where we listened to soft music, I sang him some songs I used to sing my my "non feathered children". He was very easy coming onto my hand, and we simply lay back in the lounge chair, and relaxed. He let me gently touch his feet, and tummy near his wings. he tasted my fingers, and we talked quietly about many things he can see at the farm. He is absolutely Gorgeous. Even at night as he would walk around a bit from hand to hand, as he would balance himself, and ruffle his feathers, I never saw such beautiful colors. I am greatful for my seven years with Merlin, my Amazon. Even though she could be really "gregarious" and quite noisy, she was very easy for me, which made me feel comfortable with Charley. I told him :"I know lot's of birds, and I love them" I've almost never been without one. I had parakeets that lived to be very old, and then Merlina. There is much for me to learn about this beautiful sensitive little being, and I am thrilled to learn what he likes. He is asleep as I write this ( I presume) because as I said good night, and left him snug in his little cage, with the rest of a very soft CD playing, and pretty night light on.. he was grinding his beak like Merlin used to when she was sleepy. I gave him fresh water, and look forward to breakfast. Thank you so much for sending him to me. Now off to bed for me...I'll peek in at him on my way up. Much love and light to you all, Wendy
**********Subject: Solomon Jane, Thank you for sending me such a beautiful new member to my family. He is great!! When I first phoned you I was suprised at all the information you had for me. When Solomon finally arrived he was everything I expected and more. Your knowledge as a breeder shows in your birds. Solomon adjusted well right from the start and he is already after the first three days at his new home following the commands of "UP" and "Down". Other than the squawking at the vet which he found very strange  (imagine some stranger poking and proding at your every nook and cranny) he was very quiet at first other than the light grinding of his beak which the vet told me meant he was a very content bird. He has after about five days started to become vocal. It sounds as though he is discovering his voice and is making every attempt to mimic and talk. It is by no means a squawk but more something he is trying to say. Dad tells me that he is very happy in the morning to see him as he knows his meal is on the way. I am the early bird in this house as I get up at 2:30 am to leave for work. I miss out on this joy but I do get to give him his fruits in the afternoon. His appetite is great. He started eating good right away. My eight year old daughter Alison is just thrilled with everything. He got his first shower five days after he arrived and he LOVED it. He spread his wings to show his beauty and enjoy the misting spray of the shower. I did not want him to be frightened with a towel so I used a blow dryer on warm setting from a distance away and it was as if he thought it to be a wind current and again spread his wings to enjoy the breeze. I want to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing at breeding these beautiful creatures and anybody out there considering one of theses marvelous birds should be proud to say they received them from a breeder as exceptional as yourself!! Thank You Again and I will be in touch for more products. The products are great ...!!   Again Thank You!  Sincerely, Kris R. Fond du Lac, WI
**********Subject: Re: [Eclectus]  -- Hi everyone. . . Buddy is doing great.  He will be 2 on Xmas eve and his new mail order bride is awesome.  We have named her Blossom she is 7 months old and has  been with us about 2 months now.  They now both are in the same cage and sleep side by side.  She is so laid back and loves to cuddle.  She is still young but even Buddy who I thought was such a sweet lovable little fellow at this age doesn't even compare to how sweet and loveable she is.  I did not get Buddy from Jane but I did get Blossom from her and all her knowledge and love showed through Blossom. From the minute we picked Blossom up at the airport she has been a dream.  I was so concerned about the flight and how long it would take her to warm up to us. It was like she had been with us from day 1.  She didn't miss a beat and wanted to come out and be with everyone right from the beginning. She showed me how it really should be from the beginning when coming from a quality breeder.  Jane should be proud of all that she does for these wonderful redheads and green guys before they go to their forever homes.  After that its up to us to keep up the good work Jane started and I love every minute of it. Take care -- Martha -- Houston,Tx
**********Subject: FILOU -- Filou is adorable. He is a happy little guy.  I love when we have our cuddle session .  We sit cheek to cheek and sing to each other.  You did a wonderful job with him and I am more than sure with all the other babies.  Love, Uschi (Ursula)
**********Subject: New Redhead -- Hi all -- I just wanted to let you know about our new addition, or as my husband calls it -- Buddy's mail-order bride. Buddy is our 22 month old Male SIE, she is 6 months. She arrived in Houston Saturday from Jane on Delta.  All went well and she seemed to not even mind the flight.  We picked her up at the airport here in Houston and she was so calm and sweet from the start. She is beautiful and a real cuddle bug.  I was worried about how Buddy would handle this new addition since he has been the center of attention for so long and like most typical males he acted like a goof in the beginning but started calming down and even has been feeding her.  They are in separate cages right now when sleeping and when I am not around. When I am home I have both out and are doing well together.  I'm sure soon they will be able to share the same cage. Buddy keeps  saying "Hello babybird" and looks at her strange when she doesn't say Hello back. LOL It is so much fun having a female and male SIE. They sure are beautiful and when both are together -- WOW its a beautiful sight, and fun too. I will post pictures as soon as my digital camera gets back from the shop. Take Care, Martha - Houston,Texas PS....Thanks Jane, She is wonderful! 
**********Subject: Hello  - Hi Jane, The birds are going well.  My youngest daughter, Kylie, is only 2, but she really wanted to hold the birds.  She loves them and they are great with her.  Before I spoke with you, I had heard that Eclectus are not good for children, but the proof is in the picture.  Take care, H

********** --  Hi Jane, First, we LOVE our birds!!! They are fantastic. All my kids have held them and the birds are so easy going. As you said in some emails, they do love to eat and the kitchen cube is perfect. They make a mess, but it’s simple to clean and we love to watch them dive into their bowls. They really love that bean/rice/vege mix. Thanks again for the recipe. It was simple to make and I made enough packets for 29 days. It’s funny, but the day after we picked them up from the airport, I was at work and I actually missed them. I couldn’t wait to get home to play with them! They are so curious and love to check everything out. The kids bought them many toys and we’ll have to rotate them in the cage. I’m sure they will never be bored here!! Thanks again for everything and I’ll send some pictures soon.  Howard

**********Subject: RE: Yahzi clips (~ 8 mb)  [Note with audio tape attachments]. . .Jane. . . thank you for raising such wonderful geniuses. We think he is exceptionally smart. He even says hi to all the dogs (5) by name.  Here's another cute story for you... We adopted another dog last year, a few months after our old lab died. Her name is Lana, and she was only about a year old so a bit rambunctious. Well, Yahzi "yells" at her in his "stern" voice. He says "Lana, Lana, go to bed! go to bed!" And sometimes she even obeys! hilarious. I plan to (someday) make note of all his phrases and imitations. I think he must have about 50 by now. I'll send more....Renee  [write to scott@prettyparrot.com if you want an excerpt of these audio tapes]

**********Subject: Ollie updates...Just thought I’d drop you a quick note to say hello – and give you Ollie updates! He still says “Hello” but has added “Yum” to his vocabulary. He also whistles now – he whistles to “call” the dogs – and he whistles the ever-popular “cat call” too. (You know the one…construction workers might use it to beckon pretty girls!) He pretty much has full run of the house now. He walks around like he owns the joint.  We only keep him “lightly” clipped. He definitely seems to prefer to motor around on “foot”. We have 2 mini-dachshunds (weiner dogs!). They have no idea what to make of him. And Oliver doesn’t even acknowledge their existence when he is cruising around. Of course, he is taller than our weiner dogs when he stands at his tallest – so I think he definitely thinks he is “above” them in the family pecking order.  Anyway, hope all is well with you. . . Take care, Kelly
**********Subject: Picture new baby Kato-vosmaeri eclectus - Baby Kato just woke up and raised his head in time for his new dad to take this picture.  He is such a cuddler and I was surprised he even loves to have his head stroked-he fell asleep. He is eating well and seems to be adjusting very nicely.  Thanks for everything, Jane and Scott.               Momma Jan

**********Subject: Re: EclectusPets to Pam:  I got Ruby from Jane over a year ago, she is so sweet.  Jane is too.  She is the best one I know to get advice from.  She always has time or makes the time. I hope you continue to be picky because you have to be. . . Taking on a bird is a lifestyle. . .Ruby is with me most of the day.  We always end the evening with her in my lap for and an hour or more at least, actually its closer to three hours.  I will hold her while doing something, like reading or watching TV.  She likes to sit one my lap while I'm on the computer too.  There are different ways that you can spend your time with you bird.  I call her my baby. . .I could never part with Ruby.  I wish you well.    Nicole
**********Subject: "Paulie"  -- Hi there! Just wanted to let you know how much we love our Eclectus!  Paulie is doing very well and is a great pet.  We have recently moved and he has adjusted beautifully.  He is very mild mannered and calm.  We have three kids in elementary school, and Paulie has visited all their classes and my daughter's GirlScout troop.  He has infinite patience and also seems completely comfortable with new surroundings and activities.  Thanks again for such a nice addition to our family.     The Hartmans

**********Subject: Jazzy and Forrester  -- Hi Jane,  Well I've had my SI for almost a year now.  I thought I'd let you know how they are doing now that I have a computer and dig. camera.  She is going through a bit of a molt right now but it doesn't seem much of a problem .  She is replacing the tail feathers almost as quickly as they fall out, perhaps because of  the wonderful nutritional advice you gave me when they arrived here.  I am still amazed at how warmly they greet visitors since they usually just see me in their daily lives.  They are very good with the grandchildren ranging in age from 1 year to 11.  I had my two oldest here for the summer and  both eclectus loved to go around the house on the kid's arm.  I also take them to visit my 95 year old Dad at a independent living facility, and although I don't take them out of their travel cage there, they inquistively look at all the admirers.  Thanks again, and please do keep in touch with us now that I have an email address like the rest of the world.  Janet


**********Subject: Oz-No Reply Necessary   - I can't call you every day to tell you how great he is.  So you're going to have to read it once in awhile!  I know how you hate to hear how wonderful your birds are....He is GREAT!  What a guy.  Each day he gets sweeter and sweeter.  He absolutely loves the shower and I don't think he's happy when he has to get out.  Yesterday he looked like he just wanted to twist himself in every direction so he could feel the spray.  I just let it bounce off me and he gets soaked.  When I blow him dry he's also in heaven, turning every which way to feel the warm.  He's a riot in the morning when he gets impatient to eat.  He jumps off the perch and comes running over the counter to stick his head in the bowl while I'm adding things.  He's also extremely playful and outgoing.  Yesterday the kabobs arrived and he was thrilled.  He climbs, swings and thoroughly explores his cage.  He's interested in every toy.  I do wish I had gotten the Napoleon top.  He's not that thrilled with the play top.  He climbs around a bit and then heads back down to where there are more toys or food.  At night he's a cuddler.  He just falls asleep in my lap, and I am happily surprised that he likes his head rubbed.  He pushes it against my hand.  We think he's trying to say hello, but it is not distinct yet.  More later...........Ginny

**********Subject: Update - Hi there – just an update – Oliver (we got a name for him!!!!) seems to be doing fine. He went with us to the beach house this weekend. Seems to really like car rides! He said his first word to us – “Hello” – we were tickled. Although he hasn’t said it since.  He is just a really super duper laid back dude, and is really easy going. I almost wonder if I should be worried at how laid back he is…but he is eating well and seems to be in good spirits!!  Kelly

**********Subject: Oz   -  Jane~ We have had baby Oz for almost a week now.  It is hard to imagine.  He's already part of our family.  What a sweet baby.  You did great job, Mom!!  I don't think he missed a beat from the time we left Atlanta to the present.  He's so calm and steady.  This morning when I was readying his breakfast, he hopped off his little kitchen perch and marched on over to stick his head in the bowl and let me know I wasn't fast enough.  He's so cute.  He's trying to say hello, but it's still garbled. I told you that Bob is not the bird person I am,  but he spends time at the kitchen desk in the morning and keeps telling me how friendly and communicative Oz is.  Plus, he does his steps up and down like a perfect gentleman.  It is plain to see that he's known nothing but love. . . . We haven't found anything he doesn't like (bird acceptable foods of course)!  He loves to sit on my hand and eat too.  Oz was wonderful at the vet check.  He didn't love being stuffed in a container to be weighed, but he took it in his stride and afterwards he sat up proudly on the vet's hand.  Our avian vet, who was mentored by Dr. Timothy Lefeber, said he is in excellent condition and remarked how handsome he is.  He was also especially pleased with the diet you have recommended.  He gave me handouts on nutrition, handling, etc. which basically mirror what you advised.  I was a proud momma.  Jane, thank you so much for making this such a wonderful experience.  He's everything we hoped he would be and more.  I also want to thank you and McKay for your southern hospitality and for sharing your beautiful location with me.    Ginny

**********Subject:  Yahzi Update  - Hi Jane and Scott, Hope all is going well with you and the flock.  Things are fine here.  Yahzi turns one year next week and we are so glad we decided to make him part of our lives.  Although we have only had him about 7 months, it is hard to imagine being without him.  He is a quite a character, sweet and funny.  In the last couple of months his speech has increased greatly, sometimes very clear, sometimes "baby-talk", he is saying 4-8 syllable phrases now.  I would guess he is up to about 20 different words and phrases.  He also loves to sing and laugh.  His lalalala's... are hilarious.  We got a couple of baby monitors to listen in on his early morning babble fest while he is still in his sleeping room. . . . . .And lastly, he has graduated to big showers and LOVES them.  Sometimes he lays in my hand as the shower water sprays down on him, closes his eyes, and almost falls asleep.  The first time he did this it frightened me a little as I thought maybe he was fainting or something!  He also really likes to stay in there for a long while and gets quite soaked.  I dry him off with a towel and them we stay in the room with a heater on (even while the AC is running elsewhere) for at least 30 minutes.  We do this at least twice a week with mistings in between.  Does this all sound OK to you?  Thanks for your help,  Renee and Leon

**********Subject: Hi Everyone, My name is Carol. I am a first time poster, although, I have been receiving email and enjoying all the different discussions on this list for a while. I guess I was a "lurker", but no more~!! I would have posted sooner, but truthfully it took a few days for me to actually work up enough courage to say hello, primarily because I'm embarrassed that after waiting for our baby and anticipating his arrival, he still doesn't have a name~!! Well, I decided to take the plunge and introduce myself and the baby. And of course, I would really appreciate any suggestions in the name department~!!  Now about the baby... I am the proud new mommy of a beautiful male Aru Red-Sided~!! He is everything I hoped for and more. Not only is he incredibly beautiful, but he's smart, and funny too~!! Each day holds something new. The fact that he's adjusting so well and so quickly really is a testament to Jane's outstanding love and care~!!  Our baby arrived at Logan Airport late Sunday afternoon and didn't seem phased by his trip one bit. Three out of four of my children and I picked him up and when we got our first glimpse of him, we were awed by his magnificent beauty. It was so neat seeing him check us out too. He kind of gave us the once over. We must've passed his inspection because once we arrived at home (one hour later) he very willingly stepped up on any one of my children's extended hands. In fact, when we placed him on his perch, he would raise and extend one of his feet signaling that he wanted to be picked up again. It was funny and oh so sweet.  After getting home from the airport, our baby nibbled on his food a bit. The following day he ate a pretty good breakfast. During the afternoon when I offered him his fruit, initially he didn't really show much interest, so I picked up a piece of fruit and popped it into my mouth and said.... "Yum, it's good". Immediately following my little demonstration, he walked across his perch and picked up a piece of fruit and promptly ate it~!! I guess he figured if I liked it, he would too~!! I got such a kick out of that~!!   After being with us for only two days we heard him say hello and laugh. Every time we laughed at him laughing, he laughed again. Today is his 5th day with us and once again he surprised us. He was sitting on the fold out top of his Napoleon dome cage and started making kissing noises. He kept it up for a pretty long time too. Of course, we encouraged it by making kissing noises back to him.  As you can tell, I'm just a teeny bit smitten with this fellow~!! I suppose I should stop before I bore you to tears. hehehe Now, back to "the name game". Please don't forget that I'd love to "hear" your suggestions~!!    Carol~

**********Subject: Thank You  --We are very happy we stumbled across you and were able to buy one of your babies. The entire experience was handled well, you answered all the questions we had and helped us have the confidence that we could take on the responsibility owning a parrot. In the past we owned lovebirds, but this is a new level for us and we feel like first-time bird owners. I was nervous about whether my family could learn to be comfortable with a parrot, how to care for him and enjoy his company. So far, it is going great. Sam seems to enjoy everyone in the family and tolerates our cocker spaniel. We have learned when he does and doesn't want to play and when he does, he steps up on everybody and interacts with us. He always accepts a kiss, and he has started to vocalize a bit with little cooing sounds. This is the start of a great experience for us!             David and Joni

**********Subject: Thank You  --  Hi Jane, I just wanted to Thank You so much for everything that you have done, especially convincing me to get the pair of Solomon Island instead of just the Female. I can't imagine not having Sinbad. He is so sweet and lovable. We are beginning to see a little orange coming out in his beak and Miss Allie's beak has turned all black. We love the Birds so much already and can't believe how fast they adapted  to our home.  We see them getting more and more comfortable each day as they are getting more active and  play more. It is really amusing to sit and listen as they are becoming quite the little chatter boxes. Allie will turn her head back and forth when you talk to her and seems to be really interested in what you are saying. I put them together in the Kitchen Kube for breakfast every morning. I have never needed to put the top on. As soon as Sinbad is finished eating, he hops up and sits on the top edge and makes a little cooing noise to let me know that he is done. I think it is so he can be the first one to get a shower. They love their bath in the sink and also the warm air of the hairdryer. They also step up and down every time. You have done a wonderful job.
          My Vet told me that  I had found a wonderful Aviary as they are the healthiest and best looking pair that she has seen. Their lab work came back perfect! I was really scared at first that I would not be able to maintain them as well as you. They have been here 2 months now and are just as Beautiful as the day they left Georgia. That is a credit to you for taking the time to educate me so well on their diet and health care. I had looked around a lot before contacting you. Once I spoke to you  I realized I didn't need to look any farther. You were the only person that I talked to that was more interested in teaching me about the birds than selling one. I wish that every one that is interested in an Eclectus could see your Babies. They are so Beautiful that they sell themselves! One last comment. I almost did not get the Kitchen Kube. Thank goodness I did. I was hesitant to spend the extra money. Well, it  paid for itself the first week! Never having Eclectus before I know nothing of the way they eat.  Their beaks get so much food on them while they pick through the food and then all of a sudden they sling it off. Could be a real mess but it all stays right in the Kube. Thank you again, and Scott too.                Tanya, Sinbad, & Allie

**********Subject: Just an Update  -- Hi - I spent Saturday night on the computer with Tess on my shoulder.  I talked to her and played with her for about an hour.  When I came out, I said to my son Drew - Do you think she's bonded to me?  His response was - I think she came ready to love. Thanks again.  She is incredibly sweet and loving.  She's already a part of our family, and we love her.  Nancy

**********--  Hi!  I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you since Mayo came to live with me, but it has been so hectic here and every extra minute I have, I like to just sit and spend with him.  Just wanted you to know that all is well.  He arrived beautifully, as you already know, and fits so well into my lifestyle.  He's happy, curious, loving and ALWAYS hungry.  He loves everything that I feed him.  He is absolutely the greatest, and a true treasure to have around.  I thank you so much for the care you have taken to breed absolutely the finest parrots imaginable. As usual, don't have a lot of time.  We just wanted to wish you the merriest of holidays and to tell you that you are in our thoughts.  I have taken some pictures...now as soon as I can figure out how to use the scanner, I'll forward some pictures your way.  Have a Merry, merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!  More next week, as things calm down a bit!   Janet

**********Subject:  Baxter Report  -- Hi Jane,  The little guy is settling in nicely and getting more secure all the time. He's still not talking much unless there is quite a bit of background racket. But boy is he starting to relax otherwise!  Last night, he settled in on my chest while I stroked him and softly chatted with him while he played with a couple of toys.  He was so cute the way he sat on his butt with his legs stretched out in front of him.  I thought that was the height of relaxation. Until tonight. He sat like that for a while tonight, then he just sort of "oozed" until he was stretched out lying down and resting his head on my chest. Um, what was that you said about Eclectus not liking their heads touched EVER?  Baxter was just sucking it all up enjoying being petted from head to tail with side trips under his wings and to his belly. What a lovely little lump he is!  Thank you for loving him so much and teaching him it's safe to trust... so much that he not only accepts, but he expects my total devotion.  I have been reading the letters on the Eclectus list for the past few days. I think I've seen just about enough. How different my experience with Baxter from some of the problem children (er... problem owners and breeders) I am reading about there. Well, I've always said that people should have to pass a test to earn a license to have children or pets... Oh yeah, the vet said yesterday that the color inside Baxter's mouth is the best he's ever seen. To him it was a better sign of good health and nutrition than even his beautiful feathers.   Mary Anne


**********Subject:  Baxter   ...and one of us is unpacked and enjoying a meal. Thought you would enjoy the familiar sight of Baxter enjoying himself at the food dish.  The trip home went well.  Baxter was talking and giggling with me before we got out of your driveway.  He chatted away all the way through Atlanta, then settled in quietly for the rest of the drive.  I see what you mean about body language; I pulled over a couple of times because he was leaning toward me seeming to be asking for a cuddle. I don't know about him, but *I* have bonded. ;-) The dogs and cockatiels are excited about their new brother. Strachan and I are ecstatic!  Thank you again for giving me the opportunity of having this wonderful, sweet fellow become a part of my family.  Mary Anne
**********Subject: Baby "Mayo" --The arrival was meticulously smooth and easy. I walked in the door of the Cargo area and he was delivered to me within 1 or 2 minutes. It was love at first sight!! He talked to me on the way back to my work. When we got here and I "unwrapped" him, everyone was completely enamored with him, as I am. He is absolutely beautiful and a total gentleman!! He hasn't been sleeping here, but is playing with one of the toys I brought him and eating the jalapenos etc., that I also brought...although really didn't need since you had plenty of food for him.. I offered him a blackberry, but he didn't seem interested in that yet.  I'll be calling you soon. We're going to the vet tomorrow.  Thanks Jane......I am absolutely smitten!!!!!

********** He is just wonderful! He passed the vet exam with flying colors, as I was sure he would. He has been exploring his cage....testing all the perches and toys. He has been eating from the beginning, but more and more all the time. I'm on the "Weight Watchers" diet so he's eating what I make for myself, which is all very healthy (and tasty). I'm really glad I bought the kitchen cube.....he is quite a slob, while also being a perfect gentleman.  So far there are absolutely no problems and I absolutely adore him! He fits right in and gets along with everyone. My daughters and grandkids have all met him and love him.  Thanks again you guys...............he is definitely a dream come true, thanks to you.

********Subject: Kermit -- Hi Jane, Just want to let you know that the vet thought that Kermit was one of the best looking birds he's seen. He came through the exam with flying colors. All I let him do was look him over and test his poop. I think it was harder on me than on Kermit. He is making himself at home here and starting to make noises and ask to come out of his cage. He really loves attention and is willing to go to anyone. I've had friends here and he's gone to them without hesitation. My dog, Kali is beside herself with excitement and curiosity about him, so I have to watch her closely. One of my cats is curious, but afraid and the other cat doesn't care at all, just wants to see if he can snag some of Kermit's food but Kermit isn't giving any of his food up. He's a real scream to watch when he's eating. I'm sure I'll be calling soon with questions. Carol

********Subject:  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE     -- Jane,  We just got back from a vacation (our baby, Scooter, went with...he had a great time...) He is doing wonderfully, and we could not have found a better match for us! Thanks so much for being so patient with me....this is working SO well! He is everything we had hoped for!  The kids are already thinking up birdie birthday cakes they can make....Talk to you soon.      Rachel    P.S. Thanks so much for allowing our family to have this baby...he is just awesome!

******** Subject: Re: Safe arrival. -- Your after-purchase support is unparralled! . . . . . . . . . .. I would never hesitate to recommend you to others, and I do think that Eclectus have a lot to offer versus other species. Oops gotta go, babys up!

******** Subject: knowledge --Jane, I have been comfortable with you since day one. I respect your knowledge with Eclectus. Bird vets don’t seem to know a lot about this breed -- at least not up here in the Northeast. If you are aware of one, let me know…..  Taylor is adjusting just fine, I am actually surprised to see how unstressed he is. I raised Alvin from 3 weeks old, and I was a little nervous about getting a 6 month old hand-raised by someone else, but my worries are over. I am so pleased. It must be frustrating for you sometimes to listen to all the BS and lack of knowledge from people and vets. I have actually heard that Eclectus are dumb birds, but I think he is brilliant. The communication Taylor delivers to me is amazing. He has been to Vermont, to my shop, to the veterinarians, all to my amazement, he adjusts well.  You obviously know what you are doing, and I respect this. You guys do a great job. Keep up the good work. I love any tips you can give me. Taylor loves his bean, rice, vegetables, egg, but fruits he does not seem that crazy about -- any suggestions… …?? [He will become passionate for fruit very quickly as he matures].  Mindy

******** Reply to: always here for you by phone -- Momma Bird Jane, Our family would just like to say thank you again for Kiwi (we finally decided on the name) never in a million years did I ever think I would order a bird over the phone and pay for one that I had never seen and especially have him shipped to us via plane! But I felt so comfortable with you on the phone and trusted you immediately, it gave me a lot of confidence that you were so willing to talk at much as I needed. I truly couldn't believe how calm Kiwi was when we picked him up at the airport, we opened the box immediately and got him out of the cage....he is SO SWEET. The trip didn't seem to bother him at all, he was eating on the way home in the car and making all of his cute little noises, like he was talking to us. We all played with him last night and handled him a lot and he is so gentle, I still can't believe it, it's like it's a dream. Man, does he have an appetite, he eats everything we give him, and every drop too I might add! I have some incredibly cute pictures of him with food, all over his beak, I'll email them soon.  The kids are soooo excited about him. My step daughter who is 13, has always wanted a cockatiel and had held some at a local pet store, never in her wildest dreams did she think she would ever hold a bird as big as Kiwi, but she played with him all night and was not the least bit afraid of him. Salina, my grey, seems to enjoy him too, she talks to him a lot. My husband, who I told you has never been much of a pet person, is very good with him too and can't get over how beautiful and gentle he is. He asked this morning when we could get a female!!!! I will continue to let you know how he is doing. Kaye

******** FROM A CUSTOMER WHO RECEIVED TWO UNRELATED PAIRS IN THE SAME DELIVERY, VOSMAERI AND ARUENSIS RED-SIDED:     From: Terri -- Subject: Hi -- Jane, I hardly know of words to express how wonderful these babies are. So well adjusted, they step up every time with a special treat and not, they have all allowed me to pet their backs! The little vos hen had me thinking for a while she would take little bits here and there but had not eaten what I considered to be a good amount. Finally about 5:00 pm my time, we painstakingly started to take one piece of brown rice at a time by 5:05 we were taking 2 maybe 3 pieces at a time and having fun doing it by 6:00 pm we had eaten pine nuts, jalapeno pepper, played with the toy on the stand, and I know all is right. Everyone has started playing with toys, and the red-sided were talking to me as I cleaned the babies house........I am totally BLESSED. Thanks so much until next time...

********Subject: Update -- Hi Jane, Well, not exactly how long its been since Kiwi came home with us, but it feels like quite some time already. She has completely made herself at home and is a very welcome member of our zoo. Her cage is in the family room, under the ceiling installed full spectrum lights - just for her. We affectionately call her the feathered stomach.  She does not appear to be overweight or even near it, but I swear she eats more than the both of us. I think its cheaper to keep a horse fed than Kiwi.  Anyway, she has her play time on the couch with about 4 - 5 toys and will play for an hour or so. I can now lay her on her back and scratch around her head without protest. She is very mouthy, but it is nearly all play since there is no pressure. If she thinks its too early to go to bed, she will let out 2 or 3 loud calls and I threaten her with the box. That usually ends that.  I also let her out each day to sit on the patio on her boing kabob. There is where she has our permission to yell her head off and be as crazy as she wants. You might have guessed this is her favorite time of the day. But because of this, I am convinced this is why she is so quiet during the day and evening hours - while she is not eating.  Her other favorite time of the day is the walk outside. She flaps her wings for about a minute total (in succession) and then its tail wagging and fluffing when she is not looking out for buzzards. Its amazing how good her eyesight is.  Overall, she is pretty easy to "read" and handles very very well. I think she also knows the difference in the amount of pressure she can use near my face and on my hands. She is extremely gentle around my face and ears, and fairly gentle with my hands. In fact, she has a game she plays with Sharon and I - she acts like she is coming after our face with her beak open and simply places it on our face. When we playfully pull away, we make a little squeal and she begs to do it again and again and again.  As for talking, a couple times a day, she won't shut up. She only talks to herself but she clearly says hello, what cha' doin' and her own compilation of things she has heard. She is also very vocal with little "little girl" sounding coos and squeals and so on.  She has one spooky trait - she will stare at us. She looks like she is analyzing us and sizing us up for the day she takes over and invites her little friends over...  So, we have nearly the perfect bird - lots of personality, very clean, fairly quiet, easy to handle, well adjusted, HUGH appetite and she is her own "person" - not a brainless pet.Thanks again, Don

********Subject: Tiki pictures -- Hey Jane, I just wanted to let you know Tiki is the ultimate bird! She stays in our 176 bed nursing home on her perch and visits the residents daily. They love her! She has daily visitors that come to our office to chat with her. I even had one resident that I could not get to come out of her room until I visited her with Tiki. I told her that Tiki stayed in the office with me and lo and behold, SHE came to visit TIKI the next day. She comes to the office every day to check on Tiki. People are amazed at how tame and beautiful she is. Tiki will even put up with the residents who want to hold her but have the shakes...even though her perch moves a little bit while they're holding her, she never flies off and just sits and listens to them talk to her! She was wonderfully socialized when we got her and she continues to amaze us! Thanks again!  Liz

********Subject: From Takeo and Tomoko in South Carolina -- Jane, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for allowing us to adopt your son.  Since the day we took our Eku-chan from his birth home, he's been nothing but a joy for us.  He get along with his younger and smaller brother, Chiro-chan [cockatiel] very well.  First, they looked like they just acknowledged each other, and kept distance, but now they can be in the same room without little one being scared to death.  Our Eku-chan is spoiled!! I wish I was raised like him! He gets his regular meal, and he also gets plenty of snacks! Although, he's pretty independent and does like to be cuddled, he loves to spend time on our hand and hand fed. Again, thank you for raising such a wonderful boy.  Regards, Takeo and Tomoko Sonoi

********Subject: all on schedule at this end -- Jane, Beautiful little lady, great temperament (especially given the trip). She arrived with ample food and water and was surprisingly calm. I'm sure you will hear from us soon. It was your willingness to discuss and share information that led me to trust this purchase to you (I really was not thinking about getting another bird, I would normally have left that to Peggy). Thanks for not being pushy and for taking the time to educate me. Thanks! Mike

********Subject: Just to Say "Thanks"! -- Jane, just a note to thank you for everything you've done for us - Anastasia is doing great, and she's GORGEOUS! When we took her to the avian vet, she remarked that her feathers are so pretty, and she concluded that she looks as good as she does because Anastasia takes a shower every day. I hated to tell her that we couldn't take the credit - she looked like that when she came to us!  Everything you shipped to me was very well packed, and nothing was damaged in shipping. The stand that came with our baby is so easy to clean - I followed your suggestion of using plastic wrap on the bottom, and it makes it a breeze to clean. The Kitchen Kube is fabulous - easy to clean, and when I feed her things that stain like blueberries, I use the kitchen kube, and all the messy stains stay inside the kube. It also allows her to eat with us at the table, and she enjoys being part of the family meal.  It was a nerve-wracking process to buy a bird I hadn't seen, but I'm glad I bought her from you. She already knew how to step-up, and she really doesn't have any behavioral problems at all. So if she develops any, I'll know it's my fault!  I attached a picture of her eating Capellini at the dinner table. I've been trying to get a better picture, but I can't seem to capture how brilliant her feathers are on my digital camera. I may have to take her to a pet photographer to get a better picture.  Anyway - have a great holiday season, and I expect I'll be speaking to you soon to order more products. Lana

********Subject: Hi Jane! -- I can't believe it's been a week since we got Wesley already! We all love him so much! I haven't even been online that much to write you! He is so great Jane, I am so very glad I got him from you. Tonight while we were watching TV with him he started making some sounds...it was so cool! I have been taking a ton of pix! As soon as the roll is finished I will develop it and scan some to send to you! Thanks again Jane, it's wonderful to have such a great pet to be part of my family. Anyway...wanted to let you know he's doing fine and we love him so much already! thanks again! TTFN Terry

********Subject: Re: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -- Jane - I am not often at a loss for words. This is a rare occasion. I will do my best. Your babies, now my babies, are magnificent. In only a little more than 24 hours, I cannot imagine not having them. It is clear in their every mannerism that they have been loved and nurtured to the max. I cannot thank you enough for . . . . . . . . .everything to do with the welfare of these absolutely delightful creatures. Thank you. I have owned and managed my own business for 15 years. It is challenging - sometimes downright difficult. In my dealings with you over the last six months, I have consistently admired your organization, professionalism and your bubbling enthusiasm for your birds and your products. As I have told you before, I find your products to be of exceptional style, quality and value. I love having them in my home. The decision to own a bird of this type is a lifelong commitment. To begin with a baby that has started life with love, affection and confidence is an absolute benefit to bird and we who have the pleasure of their company. I am ever thankful to Stefany for introducing me to you and ever thankful to you for not letting me change my mind. I love my birds. Most sincerely. Susan     p.s. Tomorrow, when I am not feeling so emotional, I need to order some pellets and concrete perches.

********Subject: (no subject) -- Hello Jane, I just received the pellets...Thank you!!! Also I'd like to thank you for the info on the breeding box... Just a short note on the kids... They are fabulous!!!!!!!!! The greatest birds I have ever had!!!...better than people!!!...ha,ha... Their personalities are the greatest!!! When I am out of the bird room I can hear them talking to each other so clearly that it sounds like 2 people having a conversation! I have bred many different birds since 1987...They were all wonderful in their own way and I loved them all; however, Ant'ny and Cleo are in a class of their own!!! They truly are the perfect pets!!! I have had everything from Finches, to Lovebirds, to Cockatiels, to Sun Conures, to Gray Cheeks, to an Umbrella Cockatoo. These are my favorite!!! When I first set eyes on Eclectus parrots in 1987 I knew my goal was to have a pair someday. Their personalities are as wonderful as their beauty. They are the greatest eaters...they eat everything that is good for them. That makes my life a little easier. They love [your] pellets and lots of rice and vegetables. It seems that I have to go now...Ant'ny has been on my arm while I have been writing this note on my computer...Cleo is calling him to come back to the cage!!! He's not quite sure that he is ready to go back to the cage yet; but, they will both be out with me this evening while I work on my computer. They love spending time out of their cage!!! They especially love to watch TV...the Animal Planet Channel, of course. Last; but, not least... [You] have been great during the whole process of purchasing the birds...to ordering pellets, to any other info or things I have needed. This whole experience has been problem free and nothing but a pleasure. If I have any questions, I feel like I can call [you] anytime. God Bless, Donna, Ant'ny and Cleo

********Subject: Re: idea -- Hi Jane, I just want to say Louie is absolutely wonderful, he plays with his toys, my shirt buttons and toys in my hands. Very rarely does he poop on me or anyone else, ever so often I put him on the perch and say boom-boom and he goes. He is eating great, lots of fruit and vegetables cooked and fresh, plus his pellets. I give him showers and he doesn't mind at all. NOW FOR THE NEWS!!!! Friday night as we were watching T.V. Louie said as clear as a bell and it sounded like a female (higher pitch) voice "hello" and "I love you"!!!!! Well we just about fell out of our seats, I had just read where they don't usually speak until 2 years old. The next day I had a garage sale and he and my Grey kept me company in a cool garage and of course drew a lot of attention. Both of them talked and thrilled everyone. I am still in shock, even as I type this he is watching me and said hello ( now he does it in both low and high pitch). Jane I just want to thank you again, because he is fun to watch and hold and listen to. I guess it just took him about 4-6 weeks to get used to all of us. He is a real JOY!!!! Also he likes or at least seems to like for you to stroke his back, NOT his head. Thanks, Thanks, Connie

********Subject: new birds -- Dear Jane, They are awesome. The vet who is only one of about 76 in the world that are board certified in avian was extremely impressed with you as a breeder. His staff said that he has high standards and a compliment like that was rare. I sent his cover page just for your reference. I'm sure he would recommend you to others. Thanks, Michele F

Jasper, 3 years old, with Ana, 2 years old, at Easter, 2000, and with Pal and Ann, family and dogs

********To: Gail R Cc: ECLECTUS Subject: Re: Eclectus Recommendations -- Gale, Mr. Pickle, is the best bird I've ever had (I raised lovebirds in the past). He tried to start talking virtually immediately on arrival. His vocabulary is growing. I received him the end of last July (2000) when he was about 9 months old. The shipment went flawlessly, and he seemed in very good condition. I bought the shipment cage and use it for travel to friend's houses or the vet. He was shipped out early Saturday morning from Atlanta and arrived at my local airport in So. Calif by noon my time. He still had water and pellets in his containers.  My local avian vet, who is a personal friend, said he was the best Eclectus that he'd ever seen and was in excellent physical health. Jane has been very easy to deal with and very helpful.  Originally, I was planning on getting a Solomon Island, but since Jane found out I'm not intimidated by large birds and that I wanted a gentle talker, she suggested a larger bird. I'm glad I listened to her. I would not do anything differently. My family was a little suspicious of a large parrot, but now absolutely adores him. My 11 and 12 year old can't wait to take him out after school and play with him while they do their homework. In fact, he has integrated himself so thoroughly in our 'flock' that he prefers eating some of whatever we have on our plates rather than his pellets, meaning that we now watch what we eat so he can safely eat some of it.  So my bottom line advice is, if you want an Eclectus, buy it from Jane. Feel free to ask me any more questions.  Take care and God Bless, Robert  

********Subject: Pure Bred Eclectus -- Hi Kimberly, a 'cyber friend' of mine e mailed me with your request; I bought a male from Pure Bred 1 year ago and I'm now awaiting my little girl who will be weaned in about 3 months. I did MUCH research and after looking at Lots of Ekkies from Lots of breeders, Jane's birds are BY FAR the most GORGEOUS!!! She feeds her breeders as well as all the babies organic foods and she allows the baby to wean itself instead of being forced to wean. My boy was 7 months old by the time he weaned himself and I never had or have any health, behavior, or feeding issues. He is the most charming and wonderful companion. He comes to work with me at a health food store, and I use him as an example of how healthy food choices create such vibrant health and color. I can guarantee you that if you follow her protocols, you'll save big on vet visits and behaviorists! Feel free to ask me anything else and I'm sending a pic of Zazu that I took 3 months ago.  Best wishes, alison


********Subject: FYI info on Eclectus parrots -- Elizabeth, I have been talking with Jane, www.prettyparrot.com  regarding spirulina. She has been the person who has the most knowledge on Eclectus parrots that I have spoken with in 4 years.  I asked her for some information and she emailed me a lot of wonderful information. I am going to forward to you what she sent me.  I am very impressed with her knowledge and think you would enjoy speaking with her too. She is there for any questions about parrots from 10 to 7 every day. She reminded me a lot of you with her generosity and friendliness. I have bought pellets from her and have shared them with a friend that has seen a great difference in his parrots.  If you get tired of me sending you information just let me know..I wont be offended...LOL   Sue

********-- Thank you for info and product Jane, What a miracle worker you are!!!!!! We purchased a male Eclectus from a local breeder who is quite reputable, last September on the day he was weaned (at about 12 weeks). We named him Paco. He is a tender & loving bird that does not know an enemy nor is there anyone that he will not go to when asked to step up (onto their finger or shoulder). However, since we got him, he had not grown feathers. We took him to a vet who told us he had "beak and feather virus." Another "expert" at a Bird store told us that he was eating the color off his feathers and then sold us some "very high quality" seed to help him get better nourishment. Somehow (it's a very long story) we had some information about you (which we had not even thought about during our bird purchase period), which I decided to use and see what information you might have. I expected a cold shoulder but what I received was the best southern hospitality since Rhett Butler left town !!!! (And we live in the South also). You were extremely polite about my simple questions. When I mentioned that his feathers were turning black you responded with, "You must be feeding him seeds." Yep ... I was poisoning my own bird. I took your advice and got the pellets (which he loves), the spirulina, and the bee pollen/propolis/royal jelly mix. When I unpacked the box, I opened the can of pollen and turned to put the lid in the trash. When I turned back around Paco had his beak buried in the pollen eating it. All of this was only 13 days ago. Now he has green feathers starting to grow over his entire body, primary flight feathers are growing on each wing and a new tail feather is coming in. His eyes sparkle and his breath , once bad enough to gag a maggot, is now sweet. We have him off seeds entirely and onto fruits, veggies, sprouted beans, soaked bean, hard-boiled eggs and your supplements. Needless to say, he is looking better than he has in months and is getting much more playful at the same time. Thank you so much for the information and product. If .... no let's not say IF, .... it is now WHEN we get a mate for Paco, you can be sure she will come from you. Thank you, Maury And Ginger

******** Subject: Testimonial -- Dear Jane:  Just a quick note to express my profound gratitude for all your wonderful constant help with the 3-year-old Solomon Island male Eclectus I adopted early last April. [Ernesto found Travis in a pet store, where he was kept after his owner was lost in the 9/11 tragedy at the World Trade Center. Travis had not been properly fed or maintained by the store for more than a year, and was in poor shape.] Thanks to your great pellets and nutritional products, he quickly began to shed his stressed, dull and stained tail feathers and currently sports a beautiful new tail. But more importantly, he had a terribly long and flaky overgrown beak, quite unsightly, and with the right diet and your incredible pedicure perches he filed it back and snapped the remaining deformed tip off, so that he now has a truly picture-perfect beak.  Thank you for offering such high quality products, and for always being there on the phone for helpful advice, information and support.  Sincerely, Ernesto

******** Subject: Re: Order . . . . . . . . . . knowing you are there and reading your advise has been a true blessing, and of course sharing with you, it's like having grandma next door, which for me and Cindy, both our grandmas were for a time. Even though I think I am a few years older than you, you have so much more experience. Cindy of course is a young chick. Thanks for being there, David

Jane had to experience the wonder of flight like a big bird . . . by jumping off a cliff in New Zealand.

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