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17.5% FOOD GRADE H2O2 by the QUART which dilutes to 3% as in the directions below
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How To Neutralize Skunk Odor

De-Contaminate PETS, CARS and PEOPLE from Skunk spray with H2O2 in a mixture of non-toxic ingredients.

To understand the recipe for skunk's success, Dragoo sent samples of the spray to William Wood of Humboldt State University. From an organic chemist's point of view, skunk spray ingredients have an interesting characteristic.

"It will ignite if you light it, they are highly flammable, . . ."

But of course the skunk didn't evolve a flame-thrower -- it evolved a chemical weapon. Wood discovered new molecules in the spray, including a Thiol -- a sulphur-based compound found in garlic and onions.

"The human nose is fantastically receptive to molecules of this type. They are odoriferous, and in high concentrations and in high concentrations, it can cause people to vomit."

A skunk doesn't know when it's anal glands are empty, so it raises it's tail and threatens to spray as if fully loaded. Would you call this bluff?

One of the skunks's few predators doesn't care if a skunk is bluffing or packing stink. The great horned owl has little sense of smell. One other threat to skunks couldn't care less about the spray. Cars are the leading cause of skunk deaths.

"They rely so heavily on those scent glands, the are usually not concerned that anything's going to bother them. The skunk may be on the side of the road foraging, or getting ready to cross, a big car comes along at a high speed -- they are likely just to put their tail up and spray. Rather than running away, they will get hit by a vehicle."

If a skunk is struck, it will be gone -- but not easily forgotten.

"When driving down the road, and right in front of us. . . the whole thing sprayed all over our car "
"You always knew when someone had hit a skunk because it went on for miles, and miles, and miles . . ."
"Well, it's pretty pungent, . . .heavy. . ."
"It's putrid. . .you know, it doesn't go away. . ."
"It's just . . .it was so bad. . ."
"It was so bad . . ."

It's a serious situation when man's best friend gets a dose of the world's worst smell. Tomato juice only masks the problem, and the cover-up is only temporary. Some components take time to break down.

William Wood has figured out how to neutralize the stink. In your yard -- NEVER INSIDE -- mix a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and a teaspoon of detergent. This liquid, which should be mixed up FRESH BECAUSE DANGEROUS PRESSURE CAN BUILD, breaks down the Thiols. KEEP THIS CONCOCTION AWAY FROM YOUR DOG'S EYES. After 5 minutes, rinse with water. Now -- hope your dog is NOT a repeat offender.

TO MAKE A 3% SOLUTION Using 17.5% FOOD GRADE H2O2 and Distilled Water:

Distilled Water only ( NOT tap water, NOT spring and NOT mineral water because it is less pure)

-- FOR QUART OF 3%: Mix 5 oz. of 17.5% with 27 oz distilled water.
-- FOR A GALLON OF 3%: Remove 20 oz. water from a gallon of distilled water and add 20 oz. 17.5% H2O2

Neutralize Skunk Odor: Follow instructions on this video using 3% H2O2 -- HowToNeutralizeSkunkOdor

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