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SURVEY RESPONSES - Combined Sample Survey

This is a questionnaire that we send to our customers to generate feedback on the most important aspects of purchasing a baby bird. We aspire to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible, and this helps us direct our attention to what really matters to people, and to the well-being of each baby Eclectus. Perhaps you will find some of your questions answered in the responses that our customers have given. Each 'bullet' is the response of one of 12 different customers to each question. Some bought baby pairs -- some a single pet.

Also, our methods of breeding, feeding, socialization and daily care are by far the most advantageous to both the babies and their breeder parents. Many things that we do here is in many ways different than the methods of other breeders. What we do, and how we do it -- creates the best possible environment for a baby Eclectus to develop, and will give you the most well-adjusted, best pet Eclectus possible. Each baby here is exceptionally loved and well-cared for, and you will notice that FROM THE FIRST DAY our customers receive their baby, the experience that people have with every baby we have weaned will be very special. The cover note and the questionnaire follows:


Sent to our customers at the time of delivery of a baby:

We are writing to say "hello", and let you know that we are thinking of you and our mutual baby. Especially on holidays, we get really sentimental. If you have any photos of baby and the family, we especially like to add them to our collection. We send off little red and green fluffy balls of love from our heart to yours, and we enjoy more and more raising companion Eclectus babies each year.

I have created this little questionnaire to generate feed-back that it is important for us to hear to assure that there is continued customer satisfaction, or to identify any areas where we can make an improvement. Please take a moment to read through it and reply. We aspire to do our very best, and want to identify any areas that need improvement. Please be candid. Just hit the reply button, and place your comments between the lines between questions.

[These are not solely our best responses to the questionnaire -- these are typical of the responses that we continue to get from any customer.]


When you first contacted us, what was your impression of the information you received about Eclectus parrots in general?

What is your opinion of the ease of communication with us before, during, and after the transaction?

How well socialized was the baby you received?

What health and beauty impression did you have of your new baby?

How quickly did your baby adjust to your home and family?

How quickly did your baby begin eating in its new environment?

How did your baby respond to different people including guests to your home?

Did your vet give you an opinion of the overall condition of the baby that you received?

What was your impression of how the bird was transported to you if shipped by air?

Please describe how the bird seemed to act because of the air transport (i.e. calm, agitated, perfectly comfortable,)?

If picked up at our aviary, how did the baby do on the car trip home?

What is your opinion of the handling of all details that pertained to the business end of the transaction?

What is your opinion of the support information on the care and maintenance of the health and well-being of your baby?

What is your opinion of the quality of any products you received for the support of your baby?

If you bought a cage we recommended, what is your opinion of the quality of the cage?

Were there any problems with the entire process that we need to know about?

What if any improvements would you suggest that we can make?

Can you write a little description of in what ways having an Eclectus enhances your life?

Do you have any fun little stories about the bird to share?

Is there anything else that you would like to say in general?

On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate

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