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Assembly Instructions for SWING GYMS

1. Remove plastic from acrylic pieces.

2. Remove nut, lock washer and small washer from ends of concrete perch.

3. Leave large washer on perch threaded rod end. Put the perch rod through the center hole of the triangle piece. Place small washer, lock washer and cap nut on the threaded rod. Tighten cap nut with pliers or socket wrench.

4. Put the other end of the perch rod through the center hole of the 2nd acrylic triangle. Place small washer, lock washer and cap nut on the threaded rod and tighten using only fingers.

5. To correctly line up the triangles to be even, turn the 2nd triangle so both have the long chain facing the same way. Place sides of triangles on a flat surface before tightening the second side cap nut with pliers / wrench.

6. If you ordered the swing with cups you will have a rectangular 2nd piece. After putting it together with the washers and nut (finger tight), lining up the triangle to the rectangle is different. Turn the two pieces so the bottoms (side with teardrops) face down. Put on flat table and slide the whole perch so the teardrops hang off table. The two acrylic pieces should be flat on table top. Tighten rectangular side nut with pliers / wrench.

7. Swings may be hung in cage without tray. To hang anywhere else in the house, attach tray chains to swing teardrops. Two plant hooks or other types of hooks can be installed in your ceiling. The ceiling guards hang from the hooks - wide side with s-hook up and the swing attaches to the first hole in the narrow end with the quick-links.

8. Macaw swings are also available with longer chain to accommodate long tails.

For a quick clean-up: Lay a sheet of clear plastic wrap across the tray and change it daily. (Birds will chew paper if it is placed on the tray and make a terrible mess, but clear plastic wrap is invisible to them and they will not climb down to try to reach it.) The tray also washes clean easily with no plastic wrap on it.

Ceiling protector sets are available if needed: Most birds will chew on whatever they can reach. The ceiling protectors hang from hooks / plant hooks installed in your ceiling or wood beams. The chains attached to the swing connects to the ceiling protectors. Your bird cannot climb up the ceiling protectors. Available in 18" for small to medium size birds and 24" for Cockatoos and Macaws.

To clean: Wash only with a soft sponge or paper towel and warm soapy water. Avoid abrasive cleansers or rough pads which will remove the glossy finish. Clorox may be added to the water to disinfect. The perch will stay beautiful indefinitely with proper washing techniques.

If you have any questions or need replacement, call 404-321-4488

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Exer-Swing Workout Video

-- 3 minutes uncut of non-stop exercise and beak trimming -- Tootsie should try out for Cirque du Soleil


Exer-Swing Workout Video

Swing Sets to hang anywhere, every room or in a cage

Mix or match colors
Red • Green • Yellow • Blue • Smoke• Clear •

• Tough transparent acrylic
• Pedicure Perches - 3/4", 1", 1.5" or 2"
• Width: 14" or 24"
• Trims nails automatically
• Fun chew toy attached
• East to clean & disinfect
• Always conveniently hanging in place
• Tray unsnaps for easy cleaning
• Clear acrylic 18" or 24" ceiling guards (optional)
• 2 cups on cup models - white Lixit cups only
• Extra-long chain for Macaw tails (optional)

Exer-Swing Gyms are made from transparent clear acrylic with a smoke acrylic tray -- or for $5 extra can be ordered in 6 mix-or-match colors. The 14" or 24" long concrete perches trim nails, are indestructible, big enough for a pair, and provide a sure grip. The tray unsnaps for easy cleaning, and the swing is also ideal in cages without the tray. It is also available with no cups and toys on both sides. Gentle motion and chain climbing provide exceptional exercise, and optional ceiling guards keep birds down low within easy reach. Hang where space for perches is a problem, over computers, sinks, counters -- so your little avian friend can always be hanging near you and happily entertained. Each unit can be custom built to fit any size bird with optional toys and cups. Perch diameters range from 3/4" to 2" to fit the foot size of Parakeets to Macaws.

Please phone for quote including the correct components for your size and type of bird -- or to place an order

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