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Quarterly Immune Boost Time for a Probiotic boost -- begin the first day of - Fall - Winter - Spring- Summer

     Try our breeder-quality pellets, which nourish better than any other brand costing three times the price.  Our pellet formula contains no dye or artificial anything.  (Dye creates a residue that is excreted in the feather, making the naturally brilliant feather color dull and deposits a rusty looking outline to the feather tip that makes the feathers on the back look scalloped like a fish-scale pattern.)  After 3-12 months on these pellet formulas, watch your baby feather-out with more luxurious plumage than ever before due to the proper balance of nutrients in this exceptionally fresh product. Getting any parrot to accept these wonderful pellets is not difficult.  It is a good idea to mix them 50-50 with whatever pellets they are used to eating until the old pellet runs out, and any bird will take to it with no acceptance problem.  It will look enough like the former pellet during the transition in the 50-50 ratio, even if they were fed the Froot-Loopy colored type of pellet loaded with dye and perfume.


Our pellets are made with 100% natural ecologically grown ingredients, manufactured in a cold pressed process. They are readily accepted by most parrots. This formula is an important part of a complete diet. Feed approximately as much as your bird will consume in a day. Some days birds will eat more than others so the amount will fluctuate. Discard the remainder and feed fresh pellets each time. Consult your avian veterinarian if you have any specific diet related concerns. Although an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, we believe that no pellet can provide 100% of a bird’s nutritional needs. Please be sure to feed vegetables, beans, rice and fruits for a varied diet.

100% Natural Ingredients: Rice, hulled millet, barley, alfalfa leaf, sunflower seed hulled, sesame seeds unhulled, quinoa whole, buckwheat hulled, dandelion leaf powder, carrot powder, spinach leaf powder, purple dulse, kelp, rose hips powder, rose hips crushed, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, rosemary whole leaf, cayenne ground, crushed red chili peppers, nettle leaf. All ingredients are both 100% sustainably, ecologically grown natural ingredients and/or organic.

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 15% Max, Fat 6% Min., Crude Fiber 6% Max. Contains NO BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin. NO artificial colors, flavors, vitamins, preservatives, or sucrose/sugar. GMO free. Does NOT contain any animal products, or by-products. Do not feed old or moldy food.

  • For All Size Hookbills
  • Readily Accepted by Many Birds!
  • All Natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients for a happy and healthy bird.
  • Naturally Preserved with Rosemary, Rose Hips, Lemon and Orange Peel
  • No Artificial Preservatives like BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin.
  • No artificial colors or flavors.
  • No artificial vitamins.
  • No sucrose/sugar added.
  • No Animal Products or animal by-products.
  • No genetically modified organisms(GMO)

Our Testimonial Letters for our pellet formula and Nutrients:

We recommend these pellets -- along with fresh food sprouted seed (never dry seed) -- especially because of the results people have noted on the Testimonial Letters. The photos on our website www.eclectusparrot.com are an example of the vibrant color and lush feather quality of birds fed Avian Trio, Spirulina, and a diet of 75% fresh food - 25% pellet formulation. Both of these pellets are wonderful for all medium sized parrots -- as long as fresh vegetables, beans, rice and fruit are also included in the daily diet.

All these birds described in the notes below did NOT originate in our aviary, and were in poor condition from eating a less-than-ideal diet for years. The reports of dramatic improvements in the health and attitudes of these birds are wonderful to hear -- usually by phone -- when their owners are placing pellet reorders. Occasionally people take the time to write notes like these, so here are a few of them. I love it that we get phone calls like this all the time, describing the improvement in the health and feather quality of birds that change over to our pellet formulas, supplements and diet recommendations.

From a lady that had bought a rescue bird which was not fed properly for years:

Hi Jane, Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me the other evening. I have taken your advice and am feeding Ruby according to your instructions. She is a totally different bird! She is no longer shrieking like she was when I talked to you. She is very happy and content and is LOVING the recipes you suggested. Feeding time is no longer stressful and we are actually having fun trying new things and watching her devour them!! I am a firm believer in your pellets, spirulina and Trio and will always use and recommend them to my bird friends. Thanks again for your time and advice as well as your dedication to the magnificent Eclectus!! Kelly

Hi Jane, Just wanted to give you an update on my fabulous Ruby!! Since we have started following your diet instructions and faithfully using your supplements, she has gone from 377 grams to 397 grams!! This has happened in just short of 2 weeks!! There is no more shrieking and we are enjoying each other more than ever! She is cooing more and starting to chatter more. I think she will be talking up a storm soon. She already says hello and step up. You were right on about the 20 ounce crock too - she doesn't waste near as much food as she used to with the smaller crock. Thanks a million for your advice and your wonderful products! Kelly
From: Ginger and Maury . . . .Subject: Thank you for info and product
Jane, What a miracle worker you are!!!!!! We purchased a male Eclectus from a local breeder who is quite reputable, last September on the day he was weaned (at about 12 weeks). [FOR THE RECORD, virtually NO Eclectus is EVER adequately weaned at the age of 12 weeks]. We named him Paco. He is a tender & loving bird that does not know an enemy nor is there anyone that he will not go to when asked to step up (onto their finger or shoulder). However, since we got him, he had not grown feathers. We took him to a vet who told us he had "beak and feather virus." Another "expert" at a Bird store told us that he was eating the color off his feathers and then sold us some "very high quality" seed to help him get better nourishment. Somehow (it's a very long story) we had some information about you (which we had not even thought about during our bird purchase period), which I decided to use and see what information you might have.
I expected a cold shoulder but what I received was the best southern hospitality since Rhett Butler left town !!!! (And we live in the South also). You were extremely polite about my simple questions. When I mentioned that his feathers were turning black you responded with, "You must be feeding him seeds." Yep ... I was poisoning my own bird. I took your advice and got the pellets (which he loves), the spirulina, and the bee pollen / propolis / royal jelly mix. When I unpacked the box, I opened the can and turned to put the lid in the trash. When I turned back around Paco had his beak buried in the Avian Trio eating it.
All of this was only 13 days ago. Now he has green feathers starting to grow over his entire body, primary flight feathers are growing on each wing and a new tail feather is coming in. His eyes sparkle and his breath, once bad enough to gag a maggot, is now sweet. We have him off seeds entirely and onto fruits, veggies, sprouted beans, soaked bean, hard-boiled eggs and your supplements. Needless to say, he is looking better than he has in months and is getting much more playful at the same time. Thank you so much for the information and product. If .... no let's not say IF, .... it is now WHEN we get a mate for Paco, you can be sure she will come from you.
Thank you, Maury And Ginger
From: "Charee"
Hi, . . . . . . . . . . . . I wanted to update you on my Ruby Rose, it has been two months since she started the new diet and nearly a month since beginning the tranquility supplement. Ruby has been without the Lupron injections for over a month and the feather ruining has ceased. The additional perches I ordered also did the trick and the excess beak growth has trimmed off and she looks wonderful! I am so thankful for your advice, counsel, and expertise. The diet you have recommended has made her happier, healthier, and financially more affordable to care for. Thanks again!
Talk to you soon, Charee Minnesota
From: Phyllis and Robert To: ECLECTUS
Hi Jane, Just wanted to send you a note to "Thank You" for all the help you have gave me in taking care of my Vosmaeri Eclectus's...they are both looking great...The female when I got her was in very poor condition and her feathers showed he lack of good nutrition and care...now after just a month on the diet of your pellets, and your bean diet with the added spirulina and avian trio she is looking 100% better...also we added the full spectrum lighting that you have and not only are the birds looking great from the benefit of these lights -- so are my house plants...I also think it is really good for us too...I am positive these birds in a few more months on this diet will be in the best of health...cant wait to get the new pedicure perches and the car seat/stands to take them on rides with us, it will be great stimulation for these very intelligent birds...I have owned different parrots before but have never been so taken by the beauty and intelligence as I am with these...can't imagine life with out them...Keep up the great work with educating everyone on how to take the best care of Eclectus's and look forward to learning more from you...Also the Vos's are looking forward to the new line of toys :) Take good care... Phyllis
From: Ernesto To: ECLECTUS Subject: Testimonial
Dear Jane: Just a quick note to express my profound gratitude for all your wonderful constant help with the 3-year-old Solomon Island male Eclectus I adopted early last April. [The bird had lost his owner on 9/11 in New York City, and Ernesto bought the rescue bird home from a pet store that had been looking after hin until a new family was found.] Thanks to your great pellets and nutritional products, he quickly began to shed his stressed, dull and stained tail feathers and currently sports a beautiful new tail. But more importantly, he had a terribly long and flaky overgrown beak, quite unsightly, and with the right diet and your incredible pedicure perches he filed it back and snapped the remaining deformed tip off, so that he now has a truly picture-perfect beak.
Thank you for offering such high quality products, and for always being there on the phone for helpful advice, information and support.
Sincerely, Ernesto
From: David & Cindy To: Eclectus -- Subject: Breeding
Hi Jane and everyone. I have increased the use of Avian Trio and Tranquility and now have begun to feed only Special Needs Pellets and fresh foods -- [no more seeds]. Peter is starting to gain more feathers on his chest and he has not chewed off the tips of his tail feathers. His wings are fuller too. Flicka has regained her full beauty and I have not been bit for some time. All other things being the same, it must be the better diet. They both still look for nuts and seeds but 99 percent of their diet is the good stuff. Maybe someday even Peter will regain all his beauty. David and Cindy
From: Phyllis -- Subject: Hi
HI Jane , Just a note to let you know how fast your second recommendation is working for my female eclectus...I upped the spirulina and avian trio and she is just full of new pin feathers and is already feathering out ...I also took away all seed for both of them and even my male is getting new feathers...can't believe how fast they started responding -- this is great...I cant thank you enough for your help.... Thanks again from my Ekkies and I, Phyllis
HI Jane , these are pics of Sulena when I first got her her feathers were dull and she was picked under her wings and had a bare spot on her face...then the pic dated for feb 03 is taken today...after being on your pellet diet and bean and rice diet with NO seed ...she is beautiful :) I owe it all to your knowledge of these great birds...and for you kindness in sharing what you know to me...now this bird that was once on a bad diet and mistreated -- looks great and is very loving...I am so glad when I purchased this bird I was able to find you :) Sultan, my male Ekkie Vos I always thought was beautiful and now I look at him and he is more beautiful than ever too...Keep up the great work with these wonderful birds...I will have to send more photos later of Sultan but really wanted you to see Sulena and how much of a difference that your diet has changed her...My Vos Ekkies and I are forever grateful for you and your knowledge... Thanks again, Phyllis

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